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Fagus Wooden Cars and Trucks
fagus wooden trucksThe wonderful wooden cars and trucks by Fagus are made of beech wood (the Latin word fagus=beech) in a workshop for the handicapped. The toys, made without nails, screws and staples, are interlocked, doweled and glued together.

Please see our collection of "Classic" retired Fagus models on our Sale page.

Many of the Fagus vehicles have won the "Spiel Gut" good toy designation, awarded to toys of great educational and play value. Our own kids love their Fagus trucks, and we know yours will too!

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Basic Truck Unimog (Fagus)
VFA1002N In Stock
Tow Truck (Fagus)
VFA1005 In Stock
Farm Cart (Fagus)
VFA1022 In Stock
Hay Cart (Fagus)
VFA1023 In Stock
Tractor Modern (Fagus)
VFA1029N Sold Out
Tractor Trailer (Fagus)
VFA1031 In Stock
Mobile Crane (Fagus)
VFA1032 In Stock
Crane (Fagus)
VFA1040 In Stock
Pallet Truck (Fagus)
VFA1042N In Stock
Forklift (Fagus)
VFA1043N In Stock
Skip Truck (Fagus)
VFA1044 In Stock
Dump Truck (Fagus)
VFA1045N In Stock
Fire Engine (Fagus)
VFA1048 In Stock
Car Transporter (Fagus)
VFA1049N In Stock
Conveyor Belt (Fagus)
VFA1058 Sold Out
Off Road Vehicle (Fagus)
VFA1074 In Stock
Wooden Jeep (Fagus)
VFA1075N In Stock
Horse Box (Fagus)
VFA1027 Sold Out
Safari Trailer (Fagus)
VFA1079 In Stock
Speedy Wooden Car (Fagus)
VFA1101 In Stock
Wooden Van (Fagus)
VFA1102 In Stock
Oldie Wooden Car (Fagus)
VFA1103 In Stock
Truck - Mini Series (Fagus)
VFA1201N In Stock
Sweeper Extension
VFA1408 In Stock
Stacking Box (Fagus)
VFA2003 In Stock
Fagus Combifix Bus
VFA1503 In Stock
Fagus Combifix Trailer
VFA1504 In Stock
Puzzle Car Natural by Fagus
VFA1601N In Stock
Excavator (Fagus)
VFA1071 In Stock
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