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Sarah's Silks for Pretend Play and Dress Up

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Sarah Lee, creator of Sarah's Silks, smiles while reflecting on her oldest son's early childhood days. "Mom, I am a turtle today. I NEED some green to wear." "I need some wings to fly today -- blue ones!" Or, "Logan is doing a play with me. She is the princess and I am the knight. We need some pink, purple and red colors."

First I reached for an old silk scarf. My son loved the smooth, silky feel. (Finally something he didn't declare itchy!). Soon I found myself dying squares of silks to support his play.

I discovered silks serve as wonderful props for almost any make-believe game. I began to think about my fellow Waldorf families searching for natural toys to enhance open ended play, and the idea evolved for a line of silk play items."

Seventeen years later, Sarah's Silks are found in homes across the world.
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