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Toddler Toys: Stacking and Sorting

For younger children, we have here collected push toys, pull toys, stacking games and sorting games, designed not only to delight, but to introduce children to colors and shapes and to help improve dexterity. All of our wooden toys are non-toxic and conform to the rigorous European toy-safety standards.

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Small Stacking Boxes Yellow
BSH10560 In Stock
Small Stacking Boxes Blue
BSH1057 In Stock
Rainbow Stacking Bowls
BSH10350 In Stock
Stacking Bowls Natural
BSH1034 In Stock
Rainbow Stacking Arches
BSH1070 In Stock
Fire Element Stacking Toy
BSH10730 In Stock
Cave Element Stacking Toy
BSH10740 In Stock
Wobbly Stacking Tower Pink
BSH11011 In Stock
Wobbly Stacking Tower Blue
BSH11012 In Stock
Rainbow Stacking Tower
BSH1100 In Stock
Cone Sorting Toy
BPT5313 In Stock
Stacking Tree
BPT5149 In Stock
Birds Stacking Tower
CGK23205 In Stock
Fish and Boat Stacking Toy
CGK23200 In Stock
Natural Nesting House
BSH1085 In Stock
Sunray Arch Stacking Toy
CGK23320 In Stock
Sunrise Stacking Puzzle
CGK23324 In Stock
Colored Wood Cubes in Box
CGK23303 In Stock
Shape Drum Sorting Toy
BNI1561 In Stock
Wooden Puzzle Shapes
GSH43722 In Stock
Apple Peg Puzzle
GDB1204 Sold Out
Fish Peg Puzzle
GDB1210 In Stock
Forms Puzzle
GDB1301 Sold Out
Rocking Boats Set
BSH07510 In Stock
Stacking Acrobats
CKA43 In Stock
Lacing Sheep Game
BPT5150 In Stock
Set of 12 Rainbow Friends
CSH10581 In Stock
Moon Houses Stacking Game
CSH11035 In Stock
Flower Stacking Toy
BSH10900 Sold Out

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