Carrot Rattle Doll
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Carrot Rattle Doll (Nanchen)

Carrot Rattle Doll (Nanchen)
Carrot Rattle Doll (Nanchen) Carrot Rattle Doll (Nanchen)

Carrot Rattle Doll (Nanchen)

Product Code: SANA3042
Made In: Germany
Product Size: L: 6.29 inches (16 cm)
Age: Newborn
Safety: Manufactured according to European Safety Standard EN71.

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A sweet, carrot shaped, rattle doll that is the perfect size and shape for your infant to hold.
A sweet expression is painted on the face, and a slight rattling sound is pleasing to baby's ears.
Hand made in Germany of natural terry cloth with Bioland virgin, wool stuffing.
Only raw materials stemming from permanently controlled bio-cultivation are used, guaranteeing zero content of noxious matters.
Nanchen has been designing and crafting in their workshop in Germany for over 30 years.
All dolls are stuffed by hand, and the faces are hand painted, making each doll truly unique.

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