Ostheimer Waldorf Toys and Figures | Wharf and Ramp Set

Wharf and Ramp Set (Ostheimer)

Wharf and Ramp Set (Ostheimer)
Wharf and Ramp Set (Ostheimer) Wharf and Ramp Set (Ostheimer)

Wharf and Ramp Set (Ostheimer)

Product Code: FOS26817
Made In: Bosnia-Herzogovinia
Product Size: L ca. 48 cm 18.9 in
Age: 3 years +
Safety: This figure is handcarved and -painted using natural wood and nontoxic colors that conform with the stringent European toy safety standard EN71.

Price: $115.00 - In Stock

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A three-piece wharf and ramp set by Ostheimer, for your castle, village or fairy tale scene. Watch the gallant knights gallop over to meet a challenger, or see the young children watching the ducks that float along the river: With a few extra figures and a little imagination, whole new worlds spring to life with this set!

Ostheimer Figures are hand-crafted in Germany. The wood used in Ostheimer toys comes from sustainable domestic forestry. Each product is a unique item individually shaped with love and care. Thus, the Ostheimer Waldorf toys allow children to immerse themselves into the vivid imaginative world of play.

All Ostheimer figures are painted with non-toxic, plant-based watercolors. All materials used in the Ostheimer toys are certified. They guarantee not only toys of the highest quality but also safety for your child at play.

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