The 4 Viking Ships Mobile

The 4 Viking Ships Mobile

The 4 Viking Ships Mobile

The 4 Viking Ships Mobile

Product Code: FM083
Made In: Denmark
Product Size: 17.3 x 15 inches
Age: For decorative use only. This is not a toy.
Safety: Hang outside the reach of young children. This product is intended for display only.

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Reminiscent of Viking stone carvings, these four silhoutted Viking ships with warriors and stunning red shields add a distinctive accent to any room.
Perfect for any child with a big imagination, and for history buffs as well!
Crafted in the Danish workshops of Flensted.
Mobiles are a traditional craft in Denmark, but the modern mobile was created in 1954 by Christian Flensted and his wife Grethe.
Flensted became known as the "Uromager", a name impossible to translate into English, which means a "maker of things mischievous and always on the move".
Today, their son Ole and his wife Aase continue the tradition, with ideas for new and original mobiles issuing regularly from their "Department of Space Research".
Flensted Mobiles are created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance.
Each mobile, made of thick card stock, is carefully assembled, and balanced by skilful hands.
They are packed so that they are ready to hang.

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