36 Coins in 6 Complementary Colors

36 Coins in 6 Complementary Colors

36 Coins in 6 Complementary Colors

36 Coins in 6 Complementary Colors

Product Code: CGR16159
Made In: Spain
Product Size: D 48mm/1.88in
Age: 3 years +
Safety: Manufactured according to the stringent European toy safety directive EN-71

Price: $34.20 - In Stock

Quantity in Cart: None

Thirty-six wooden coins in 6 secondary colors for sorting, stacking, counting and building. This set complements the original Grapat rings. Based on the theory of the loose parts of Simon Nicholson in 1971, we propose a rich play object, not structured and open-ended. It allows the child to combine, align, carry, transport, stack or classify in different ways. The loose parts allow the children to redesign and reformulate. They can also be combined with objects found outside in nature to favour contact with our closest environment. The loose parts can be used for multiple possibilities. There is not only one single specific way to use them and there is no right or wrong way to play with them.

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