Wood Marbles (Grapat)
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Wood Marbles (Grapat)

Wood Marbles (Grapat)

Wood Marbles (Grapat)

Product Code: CGR15108
Made In: Spain/Poland
Product Size: 36 wood marbles .75 in. diameter
Age: 3 years +
Safety: Manufactured according to the stringent American (ASTM) and European (EN-71) Toy Safety standards

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36 wooden marbles in the colors of the rainbow. This marble set includes a textile bag with GOT Certificate fabric.

What do you see here? A fabric bag that, just by touching it, lets us sense what the content is: 36 natural marbles, made of wood and with different colors. The thirty-six comes from six times six. It might be strange to speak of six in a decimal world, but if we take into account the 12 months of the year, 24 hours a day, dozens in the counting of certain elements... we will see how 12 elements are easier to share and group together than 10, we invite you to try.

When the kid's hands approach this material they see beyond the colors, and with their sense of touch they can feel the texture of the wood, the round edges, the flat sides, spheres... Their hands can “see” the quality that shines not because of the colors but due to the warmth and natural origin of the material.

What can be done about this? Don’t you see? Don’t you feel it? Let me help you look with child's eyes and hands ... Playing with marbles is something that children of different cultures and ages have done throughout history. It could be considered a game that is part of the culture of childhood. The marbles, with their spherical shape let us play with geometry. When we release them from their bag they become playful; they roll and bounce everywhere, hide under the furniture and become uncontrollable in their rolling and rolling. They collide with each other and they change direction when their impact with each other. What makes glass marbles different from wood marbles? The sound when falling, when hitting each other, the weight, the texture...

With them we can play marbles, obviously, but they can also serve for many other stories. The different colors of these small spheres allow us to group them together, sort them, classify them... We can also use them to create great delicacies; give them a life of their own by transforming them into adventure partners... We can combine them with treasures found during a walk through the forest, memories hidden in the corners of the house... Can you see the versatility? The more uses a toy has, the more quality during playtime. This versatility is what allows us to test our divergent thinking, to see beyond the logical use of the material and to offer new and original alternatives.

So many heads, so many glances, different thoughts and actions. Childhood is so wealthy!

Do you see it now? Can you feel it? We are face to face with the pure essence of the game that needs nothing more than a perfect material to create without stereotypes; with the extraordinary things that are around us; and with the silent gaze and company from the amazed adult.

Remember that materials are the excuse, because children's play is the essence of existence and the highest expression of life. Children make their way into the world through the game and, if we let them, we will see that they are telling us: I am, I can and I’m able. Enjoy Playing!

Toys produced according to natural processes and with local materials. Each Grapat piece is handmade and that makes it unique. The colors and aspects may vary but, after all, so does life and people. The wood can get some dents and cracks over time, which means that the pieces have achieved their purpose: lots of hours of creative playing. It is a good sign! We actually celebrate this here at Grapat! Keep the product in a dry place. Clean with a damp cloth if necessary.

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