Smooth Heart Grasping Toy (Grimm's)
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Smooth Heart Grasping Toy (Grimm's)

Smooth Heart Grasping Toy (Grimm's)

Smooth Heart Grasping Toy (Grimm's)

Product Code: BSH08127
Made In: Bosnia
Product Size: L 10cm
Age: 3 months +
Safety: Manufactured according to the stringent European toy safety directive EN-71

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A Smooth Heart for grasping or for use as a teething ring. The Smooth Heart Grasper is also ideal for combining with a play silk: small children will delight in discovering the textures and older children can hold onto the grasper to create movement in the silk. The wood used from the alder tree is very special and gives unique structure to each of the Grimm's rattles and grasping toys. The plant based oil finish protects the wood and accentuates this vivid structure. Materials: made from alder, non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Finished with a mix of different natural oils with linseed oil as the main ingredient. This blend consists of linseed oil, olive oil, thistle oil, walnut oil and soybean oil.

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