Stapelstein Inside rainbow classic
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Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic

Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic
Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic

Stapelstein INSIDE rainbow classic

Product Code: APSS140302
Made In: Germany
Product Size: Largest diameter: 8.31 in.
Age: 3 years +
Safety: Manufactured according to the stringent American (ASTM) and European (EN-71) Toy Safety standards

Price: $99.95 - In Stock

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Stapelstein Inside in rainbow classic. Stapelstein Inside is a Matryoshka-inspired open-ended playset, designed to encourage play independently and/or in combination with the Stapelstein Original elements. Inside signifies a new era of open-ended, active play as it further enhances the Stapelstein modular play system, offering a cross-generational play experience, especially suited to our youngest friends. Influenced by architecture, science, and art, Stapelstein Inside's design balances lightness and stability, inviting endless self-directed play options, including water play, nesting, stacking, sorting, balancing, and drumming.

Thanks to its waterproof design, it is versatile for both indoor and outdoor activities such as beach, water, sand, and snow play. Crafted for durability, the set of 6 elements weighs only 0.6 lbs (ideal for small kids) but supports up to 110 lbs. Made from eco-friendly EPP (Stapelstein was the first to pioneer this eco- friendly mono-material in the toy sector) all elements are manufactured in a climate-neutral process in Germany, adhering to the highest safety standards.

Product details
Inside rainbow classic is a six-piece Set in the bold colors red, orange, yellow, dark green , blue and violet or in pastel in the soft colors light red , light orange , light yellow , mint, light blue and light violet
Safe stacking elements: no sharp corners or edges, water-, saliva- and UV-resistant
Stapelstein Inside elements can support up to 50 kg in weight
Dimensions Stapelstein Inside:
Inside S: Weight = 12 g, Diameter = 93.5 mm, Height = 42.2 mm
Inside M: Weight = 38.4 g, Diameter = 155.6 mm, Height = 66.1 mm
Inside L: Weight = 70.8 g, Diameter = 211.1 mm, Height = 87.6 mm
Stapelstein Inside is made of eco-friendly EPP (expandable polypropylene)
Is compatible with all Stapelstein products
Color of the actual products may differ from that on the screen, due to lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings.
Play safely with Stapelstein products
If you want to use Stapelstein products for balance games and for courses, it is best to do so on a level and non-slip surface. Stack the Stapelstein elements only as high as you feel safe. We recommend that you stack a maximum of 3 elements if you want to climb a tower on foot.

Products from Stapelstein are waterproof and can be taken into the water. However, they do not replace a buoyancy aid! Young children must be supervised when playing in the water with products from Stapelstein.
Did you know that Stapelstein Original and Inside elements can make beautiful drum sounds when floating in the water?

Pointed objects and surfaces such as scissors, stones, knives, nails, wire or small pointed children's teeth can leave permanent marks on Stapelstein products. Particularly severe damage can affect the stability.

Maximum load Stapelstein Original: 180 kg
Maximum load Stapelstein Board: 120 kg
Maximum load Stapelstein Inside: 50 kg
Did you know that a Stapelstein Original element weighs only 180 g? So it can withstand a thousand times its own weight!

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