Natural Nawaro Watercolors in Tin Box

Natural Nawaro Watercolors in Tin Box
Natural Nawaro Watercolors in Tin Box Natural Nawaro Watercolors in Tin Box

Natural Nawaro Watercolors in Tin Box

Product Code: ACON79700
Made In: Germany
Product Size: 12 colors
Age: 3 years +
Safety: Manufactured in compliance with the stringent US and EU toy safety regulations

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Watercolors from vegetable raw material, highly concentrated plant extracts, food coloring and food additives.

To be used as traditional watercolors and mixable with each other and opaque white.

The natural color paint-box is ideally suited for use at school and leisure time. Quality product which has been manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 71.

The inconspicuous natural colors will transform into beautiful, vibrant colors when mixed with water. Please keep out of directly sunlight!

Natural watercolors can leave marks on fabrics, wash out immediately. Wash colored spots on the skin with soap. colors are not suitable for consumption! Not to be used on food!

Paintbox: made from silver-colored metall with sticker, cover inside painted white. Without brush.

Replaceable paint-pans 30 mm, made by polyprobylene. Packaging made from recycled carton board.

Base ingredients: Calcium carbonate, vegetable starch, titanium dioxide, glucose, potassium sorbate, glycerol.

Paints: Wild saffron (Curcuma longa), gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides), paprika (Capsicum annuum), red beet (Beta vulgaris), black elderberry (Sembucus nigra), red cabbage (Brassica oleracea), blue algae (Spirulina platensis), chloroqhyll (Chlorophyll), stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), caramel (Sucrose), charcoal (Carbo medicinalis).

These natural paints are intended to be used for painting purposes only and are unfit for consumption.

These natural water colors are useable for vegan people.


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