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Wooden Dolls and Dollhouses

We think our fabric and wood dolls are complemented perfectly by the imaginative dollhouses shown below. Crafted by such outstanding workshops as Nic, Verneuer, Grimm's and Drei Blaetter, they are heirloom pieces that will provide an imaginative setting for your dolls for years to come!

The furniture and furnishings, by Norbert Verneuer and Plan Toys, add the perfect finishing touch to your dollhouse. Or try the marvelous all-in-one dollhouse by Kaefer, which comes with a simple house and furniture in a fantastic compact set!

With these pieces, it is truly possible to create an imaginary world in miniature!

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Woman Dollhouse Doll Blond
DHSH20000 In Stock
Baby Dollhouse Doll Blond
DHSH20005 In Stock
Man Dollhouse Doll Blond
DHSH20010 In Stock
Woman Dollhouse Doll Brown
DHSH20050 In Stock
Baby Dollhouse Doll Brown
DHSH20055 In Stock
Man Dollhouse Doll Brown
DHSH20060 In Stock
Pram for Dollhouse Doll
DHSH09500 In Stock
Blue-Green Dollhouse to Go
DHSH10881 In Stock
Wooden Dollhouse Chalet
DHDB5015 In Stock
Dollhouse with Balcony
DHNV150 In Stock
Doll House Frame
DHSH39990 In Stock
Set of 10 Pocket Dwarves
DHSH22001 In Stock
Sit In 3D Wood Puzzle Blue
CGK23251 In Stock
Sit In 3D Wood Puzzle Green
CGK23252 In Stock
Large Stable (Verneuer)
DHNV105 In Stock
Pumpkin Seasonal Doll
DEV814 In Stock
Doll Family I
DHPT74150 In Stock
Doll Family II
DHPT74160 In Stock
Dollhouse Dining Room
DHPT90121 In Stock
Dollhouse Kitchen
DHPT90131 In Stock
Dollhouse Bathroom
DHPT90141 In Stock
Dollhouse Living Room
DHPT90151 In Stock
Dollhouse Bedroom
DHPT90161 In Stock
Dollhouse Furnishings
DHPT94051 Sold Out
Dollhouse Fun Toys Set
DHPT97111 In Stock
Grandfather Dollhouse Doll
DHPT98511 In Stock
Dollhouse Patio Furniture
DHPT73161 In Stock
Dollhouse Nursery Set
DHPT73292 In Stock

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