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Traditional Nutcrackers and Smoking Men

It was not until around 1870 (some fifty years after Hoffmann's "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" was written) that the first nutcracker in its now-familiar form was carved by Wilhelm Fuechtner (1844-1923) in his Seiffen workshop. Today, this legacy is continued by Volker Fuechtner, the great-great-grandson of Wilhelm and the sixth generation to run the family workshop in Seiffen. (For more about the Christmas folk art of the Erzgebirge, please visit our About Us page.)

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Small Nutcracker King Blue
NCU32640 In Stock
Small Nutcracker King Red
NCU32645 In Stock
Nutcracker Santa Claus
NCU32643 In Stock
Nutcracker Forester
NFU105 Sold Out
Blue Nutcracker King
NFU20B In Stock
Natural Nutcracker King
NFU20N In Stock
Red Nutcracker King
NFU20R Sold Out
Toyseller Smoking Man
RFU1042 In Stock
Turkish Smoking Man
RFU204R In Stock
Gentleman Smoking Man
RFU205 In Stock
Peddler Smoking Man
RFU206 In Stock
Gamekeeper Smoking Man
RFU209 In Stock
Smoking Gnome
RFU35R In Stock
Coachman Smoking Man
RKM131 In Stock
Gardener Smoking Man
RKM195 In Stock
Cabinetmaker Smoking Man
RKM248 In Stock
Dwarf Smoking Man in Blue
RDR1174B In Stock
Dwarf Smoking Man in Green
RDR1174G In Stock
Dwarf Smoking Man in Red
RDR1174R In Stock
Turkish Smoking Man in Green
RDR32000G In Stock
Squirrel Nutcracker
NDR134 In Stock
Nut Ring Nutcracker
NDR135 In Stock
Log Cabin Smoking House
RDR664N In Stock
Garden Dwarf Smoking Man
RSV12314 In Stock
Puppeteer Smoking Man
RDR1441 In Stock
Fisherman Smoking Man
RDR832 In Stock
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