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Ostheimer Nativity Set

Many nativity scenes are designed for display alone: not so with this wonderful Ostheimer nativity set. Children are encouraged to play with these figures, to "participate" in the biblical event.

Whether purchased as a set or added to year by year, the Ostheimer nativity will become a beloved holiday feature in your home. And, being carved on the same scale as the other Ostheimer figures, you can add whatever other animals and people strike your fancy!

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Be sure to see what's new and to visit our collection of complementary sets and scene pieces for the Ostheimer figures! Discontinued Ostheimer figures are found on our Classic figures page.

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Nativity Assortment (Ostheimer)
FOS6020 Ships in 4 to 7 days
Mary (Ostheimer)
FOS40401 In Stock
Joseph (Ostheimer)
FOS40402 In Stock
Nativity Ox (Ostheimer)
FOS40404 In Stock
Nativity Donkey (Ostheimer)
FOS40405 In Stock
Shepherd Bowing (Ostheimer)
FOS40504 In Stock
Shepherd Lying (Ostheimer)
FOS40505 In Stock
King Red (Ostheimer)
FOS41801 In Stock
King Blue (Ostheimer)
FOS41802 In Stock
King Green (Ostheimer)
FOS41803 In Stock
African Man (Ostheimer)
FOS41721 In Stock
Camel Trader (Ostheimer)
FOS4191 In Stock
Palm Tree (Ostheimer)
FOS4198 In Stock
Palm Group (Ostheimer)
FOS3100 Ships in 4 to 7 days
Black Peter
FOS38015 In Stock
Beggar (Ostheimer Figures)
FOS37913 In Stock
Noah's Ark (Ostheimer)
FOS3320 Ships in 4 to 7 days
Angel (Ostheimer 2008)
FOS42100 In Stock
Mary (Ostheimer 2008)
FOS42111 In Stock

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