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Ostheimer Fairy Tale Figures
"If we give [children] the space to use their imaginations while still children, they will be able to deal much more creatively with the reality that surrounds them -- more creatively than if from the outset they live in a world of toys that provide them everything in perfect detail." Ostheimer.

Ostheimer's expressive wooden figures have been loved by children and their parents for more than fifty years, and the collection of toys continues to expand! We know of few toys that have so great an ability to engage and encourage a child's imagination.

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Be sure to see what's new and to visit our collection of complementary sets and scene pieces for the Ostheimer figures! Discontinued Ostheimer figures are found on our Classic figures page.

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King (Ostheimer)
FOS25001 In Stock
Queen (Ostheimer)
FOS25003 In Stock
Princess (Ostheimer)
FOS25007 In Stock
Star Girl (Ostheimer)
FOS25071 In Stock
Snow White (Ostheimer)
FOS25050 In Stock
Seven Dwarves (Ostheimer)
FOS250617 In Stock
Dwarf Bodo (Ostheimer)
FOS25070 In Stock
Frog King (Ostheimer)
FOS25081 In Stock
Grandmother by Ostheimer
FOS10020 In Stock
Witch with Cat (Ostheimer)
FOS25101 In Stock
Red Riding Hood (Ostheimer)
FOS25090 In Stock
Hunter (Ostheimer)
FOS25301 In Stock
Wolf (Ostheimer)
FOS25401 In Stock
Prince (Ostheimer)
FOS25005 In Stock
Dragon (Ostheimer)
FOS2783 In Stock
FOS17151 In Stock
Mermaid Lying (Ostheimer)
FOS24002 In Stock
Ostheimer Lily Flower Child
FOS24806 In Stock
Ostheimer Rose Flower Child
FOS24808 In Stock
Horse Black with Reins
FOS11111 In Stock
Horse Brown with Reins
FOS11112 In Stock
Haflinger Horse
FOS11113 In Stock
Eagle Owl (Ostheimer)
FOS16001 In Stock
Owl White (Ostheimer)
FOS1613 In Stock
Owl Blue (Ostheimer)
FOS1614 In Stock
Raven (Ostheimer)
FOS16806 In Stock
Unicorn (Ostheimer)
FOS25118 In Stock
Pied Piper (Ostheimer)
FOS2570 In Stock
Heidi (Ostheimer)
FOS26502 In Stock
Gateway Set (Ostheimer)
FOS26750 Ships in 4 to 7 days
Wizard (Ostheimer)
FOS24050 In Stock
Pirate Captain
FOS27951 In Stock
Spruce Large (Ostheimer)
FOS30701 In Stock
Spruce Small (Ostheimer)
FOS30703 In Stock
House 4 Parts (Ostheimer)
FOS3300 Ships in 4 to 7 days

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