Wood Marble Runs and Kugelbahns from Switzerland and Germany

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Part building set, part race track, marble runs offer so many play possibilities that adults are just as likely to play with them as children!

The Wooden Wagon is pleased to offer some of the finest wooden marble tracks, with many variations to add to the fun.

The HABA system is the most traditional, with tracks to be balanced on blocks and many supporting pieces to intrigue the player. The Cuboro system is, as the name implies, built on a series of cubes. A system that requires 3D thinking and puzzle solving, the tracks and tunnels carved into the blocks offer many exciting building challenges (we strongly recommend the books to help inspire you!). NIC Toys offers Race Ball Tracks with various shapes that run back and forth down tracks as well as a wonderfully colorful Kugelix set . It clicks together in a sturdy way in many ways and leads to hours of fun and building.
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