Angel Sisters (Flade)

Angel Sisters (Flade)

Angel Sisters (Flade)

Angel Sisters (Flade)

Product Code: MWF6115
Made In: Olbernhau Germany
Product Size: H: 2 1/4 in ( to top of star)
Age: For decorative use only.
Safety: For decorative use only. This is not a toy. Handcrafted in the Erzgebirge region of Germany.

Price: $73.00 - Out of Stock

Quantity in Cart: None

Geschwisterchen. An enchanting pair of angel sisters. One holds a star, and her younger sister holds a doll that is painted with beautiful detail after the Flade fashion. Irresistable!

Flade figurines are exquisite examples of the art of the Erzgebirge craftsman. Every figure is handpainted down to the toy it carries. The hair is crafted from finely-dressed flax, which is combed and sewn into a distinct hairstyle. Wonderful as gifts for that special someone (or just for yourself!) these enchanting miniatures will be treasured for years to come!

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