Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's)

Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's)
Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's) Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's) Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's) Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's) Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's) Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's)

Nesting Bowls Monochrome (Grimm's)

Product Code: BSH93030
Made In: Germany
Product Size: Individual Bowl H: 1.5 inches
Dia: 1.25 to 4 inches
Height When Nested: 3 inches
Height When Stacked: 8 inches
Age: 1 year +
Safety: Manufactured under the stringent European safety directive EN-71

Price: $30.00 - In Stock

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A monochrome set of five wooden nesting bowls, finished with a natural, nontoxic stain to preserve the inherent beauty of the wood.
One of our favorite toys due to its versatility and ability to grow with a child.
Baby will start with simple stacking play and move onto a sorting play.
Children love to guess under which bowl an object is hidden.
As children grow, the bowls can be important in the pretend kitchen or social play and finally when the child is older they can store things in them on their desk!
A must-have toy for every child.

Extraordinary Toys for Design Lovers
These monochrome toys are designed with maximum reduction in both form and color. The neutral color composition of the Monochrome series reflects Modernism and Functionalism which seem to be driven more by analytics and linearity. These monochrome versions are in complete contrast to the Grimm's classic rainbow color combinations with full and complex colors that affect moods and emotions. Discover the exciting and fascinating possibilities when both concepts come together. Designed for play by all--not just for future architects and designers!

Extraordinary Toys for People with Special Needs
The high contrast in color as well as the textured surfaces of the monochrome series of toys help to develop individual needs.
Children with visual handicaps will be motivated to discover the world around them by discerning a more visible world. These multi-sensory toys with simple forms, high contrast coloring and textured surfaces or motion driven sounds will aid in development and stimulation of particular senses.

As with all Grimm's wooden toys, the stain used allows the wood grain and natural discolorations to show through, adding to the individual character of each handmade piece.

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