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Science and Discovery

Encourage your child's interest in nature and the surrounding world with these fascinating kits! These are great projects to get the kids out of doors and into the elements to explore and learn!

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Block and Tackle (HABA)
SDHB4811 In Stock
Super Sunprint Kit
ACLH330 In Stock
Sunprint Kit
ACLH110 In Stock
Snail Measuring Tape
SDPT43440 In Stock
Leaf Magnifying Glass
SDPT43460 In Stock
Cuckoo Bird Call
SDQB003 In Stock
Mallard Duck Bird Call
SDQB004 In Stock
Great Tit Bird Call
SDQB005 In Stock
Nightingale Bird Call
SDQB006 In Stock
Tawny Owl Bird Call
SDQB009 In Stock
Turtle Dove Bird Call
SDQB010 In Stock
Water Drop Labyrinth Board
GSH43855 In Stock
Long-Eared Owl Bird Call
SDQB011 In Stock
Swallow Wooden Bird Call
SDQB012 In Stock
Skylark Wooden Bird Call
SDQB014 In Stock
Creative Top Set
GM272 In Stock
Botanist Case for Kids
SDMR712263 In Stock
Sailor Knots Set
SDMR712289 In Stock
Counting up to 100 Blocks
CSH42330 In Stock
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