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Handmade Waldorf Dolls

Handmade after the Waldorf tradition of dollmaking, our dolls from Heidi Hilscher, Nanchen and Dream Pixie feature only the highest quality of workmanship. Every detail is lovingly attended to, from the dresses they wear to the delicate features that give each doll its unique and individual look. Their expressions are sweet but deliberately simple, encouraging the child's imagination and fostering creative play. We know that these dolls will bring you and your child as much pleasure as we take in selling them.

We also include several styles of the well-loved Evi Dolls, as well as dwarves and gnomes that might have been lifted from a storybook! And the doll's furniture by Norbert Verneuer is of an unmatched quality that will become family heirlooms.

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Susi Handmade Doll
DHH100 In Stock
Peter Handmade Doll
DHH101 In Stock
Moritz Handmade Doll
DHH102 In Stock
Daisy Handmade Doll
DHH103 In Stock
Pippa Handmade Doll
DHH104 In Stock
Flower Doll Rose
DHH16A In Stock
Flower Doll Violet
DHH16B In Stock
Flower Doll Snowdrop
DHH16C In Stock
Flower Doll Strawberry
DHH16E In Stock
Mama Dwarf Doll
SANA1403 In Stock
Papa Dwarf Doll
SANA1412 In Stock
Dwarf Child Doll (Pink)
SANA0043 In Stock
Dwarf Child Doll (Blue)
SANA0044 In Stock
Baby Doll Red (Nanchen)
SANA4402 In Stock
Baby Doll Blue (Nanchen)
SANA4404 In Stock
Strawberry Baby Natural Doll
SANA519002 In Stock
All Natural Baby Doll
SANA164446 In Stock
Doll Chair of Wood
DNV485 In Stock
Doll Bench of Wood
DNV486 In Stock
Doll Table of Wood
DNV488 In Stock
Doll's Bed with Heart
DNV424 In Stock
Doll's Chair with Heart
DNV4850 In Stock
Doll's Bench with Heart
DNV4860 In Stock
Ballerina Handmade Doll
DHH110 In Stock
Doll Changing Table
High Chair for Dolls
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