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Wooden Angels

These lovely, handcrafted wooden angels are perfect for Christmas or just about any time! From the traditional angels of the Fuechtner workshop to the world-renowned Wendt und Kuehn angels, we're sure you'll find something to suit your fancy.

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For Christmas decorations that kids can really play with, be sure to visit our collection of Ostheimer Nativity figures!
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Angel at Piano
AUH138 In Stock
Angel with Drum
AUH4301 In Stock
Angel Chorister
AUH4302 In Stock
Angel Conductor
AUH4303 In Stock
Angel with French Horn
AUH4304 In Stock
Angel with Trombone
AUH4305 In Stock
Angel with Trumpet
AUH4307 In Stock
Angel with Recorder
AUH4308 In Stock
Angel with Cello
AUH4310 In Stock
Angel with Violin
AUH4314 In Stock
Angel with Flute
AUH4315 In Stock
Angel with Kettledrum
AUH4319 In Stock
Angel with Accordion
AUH4320 In Stock
Angel with Cymbals
AUH4321 In Stock
Angel with Guitar
AUH4322 In Stock
Angel with Tuba
AUH4323 In Stock
Angel with Lyre
AUH4332 In Stock
Hanging Angel with Drum
AUH6201 Sold Out
Hanging Angel Chorister
AUH6202 In Stock
Hanging Angel with Violin
AUH6214 In Stock
Hanging Angel with Flute
AUH6215 In Stock
Hanging Angel with Guitar
AUH6222 In Stock
Hanging Angel with Lyre
AUH6232 In Stock
Madonna and Child (Wendt und Kuehn)

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