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Ostheimer Knights and Castles Ostheimer wooden castle and knights toys

There are few children who have not dreamed of castles and kings, of feats of chivalry as told in the stories of old.

The Ostheimer Knights and Castles collection allows children to make up their own tales of bravery and true love, of dashing knights, beastly dragons and beautiful maidens.

The expandable castle offers plenty of play possibilities, and of course the scene may be augmented by figures from the Fairy Tale or Farm collections, or just about whatever suits the child's fancy!

A fantastic aid for telling stories, and more importantly a wonderful selection to set the child's imagination afire.

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Be sure to see what's new and to visit our collection of complementary sets and scene pieces for the Ostheimer figures! Discontinued Ostheimer figures are found on our Classic figures page.

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King (Ostheimer)
FOS25001 In Stock
Queen (Ostheimer)
FOS25003 In Stock
Prince (Ostheimer)
FOS25005 In Stock
Princess (Ostheimer)
FOS25007 In Stock
Knight Blue (Ostheimer)
FOS2740 In Stock
Knight Red (Ostheimer)
FOS2741 In Stock
Dragon (Ostheimer)
FOS2783 In Stock
Market Woman (Ostheimer)
FOS2788 In Stock
Crown Prince (Ostheimer)
FOS27900 In Stock
Lady-in-Waiting (Ostheimer)
FOS27920 In Stock
Court Jester (Ostheimer)
FOS27930 In Stock
Wizard (Ostheimer)
FOS24050 Sold Out
Castle Supplement (Ostheimer)
FOS2672 Ships in 4 to 7 days
Gateway Set (Ostheimer)
FOS26750 Ships in 4 to 7 days
Portcullis (Ostheimer)
FOS26751 In Stock
Drawbridge Gate (Ostheimer)
FOS26752 In Stock
Round Tower
FOS26802 Ships in 4 to 7 days
Castle Gate (Ostheimer)
FOS26810 In Stock
Gate Tower (Ostheimer)
FOS26811 In Stock
Eagle Owl (Ostheimer)
FOS16001 In Stock
Owl White (Ostheimer)
FOS1613 In Stock
Owl Blue (Ostheimer)
FOS1614 In Stock
Raven (Ostheimer)
FOS16806 In Stock
Unicorn (Ostheimer)
FOS25118 In Stock
Hunter (Ostheimer)
FOS25301 In Stock
Mermaid Lying (Ostheimer)
FOS24002 In Stock
FOS17151 In Stock
Beggar (Ostheimer Figures)
FOS37913 In Stock
Cook (Ostheimer Figure)
FOS23336 In Stock
Catapult (Kinderkram)
FKK40518 In Stock
Round Tower Castle Piece (Kinderkram)
FKK40535 Ships in 4 to 7 Days

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