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Natural Baby Toys, Rattles and Teethers

As parents, we wanted our children to have wooden rattles and baby toys, much like those we had when young. They are warmer, more comforting toys than anything made of plastic. As time passes, use gives these toys a pleasant patina which will never be seen on a plastic or rubber toy. My parents still have the wooden rattles we used as babies, and we are sure that our products will prove similarly long-lived.

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Cherry Baby Rattle
BCR1000 In Stock
Teether UFO Ship
BLA8 In Stock
Classic Maple Rattle
BLS4 In Stock
Color Bead Grasping Toy
BSH08121 In Stock
Trix Grasping Toy (Haba)
BHB1296 In Stock
Trioli Rattle (HABA)
BHB3857 In Stock
Ring Rattle Grasping Toy
BNI61247 In Stock
Bell Rattle Grasping Toy
BNI61316 In Stock
Clutching Toy Viva
BHB3742 In Stock
Baby Car
BPT5229 In Stock
Roller Grasping Toy
BPT5220 In Stock
Max Clip On Toy
BHB1223 In Stock
Baby Brush (Goat Hair)
PPGK20901 In Stock
Wooden Bells Hanging Toy
BNI61132 In Stock
Rattle Tower
BNI1564 In Stock
Butterfly Baby Doll
SANA1009 In Stock
Carrot Rattle Doll
SANA3042 In Stock
Nuckl Snuggle Doll (Red)
SANA3044 In Stock
Nuckl Snuggle Doll (Blue)
SANA3045 In Stock
Banana Rattle Doll
SANA5049 In Stock
Snuggle Bear Soft Toy
SANA5412 In Stock
Snuggle Rabbit Soft Toy
SANA5413 In Stock
Pumpkin Rattle Doll
SANA6042 In Stock
Grasping Toy Salto
BHB1271 In Stock
Rattle Cat
BSH08004 In Stock
Rattle Fish by Grimms
BSH08000 Sold Out
Clutching Toy Magic Arch
BHB2169 In Stock
Rattle Cube
BSH8070 In Stock
Rira Grasping Toy (HABA)
BHB2170 In Stock
Bird Grasping Toy
BSH9800 In Stock
Grasping Toy Hedgehog
BSH08125 In Stock
Baby Rattle with Agate
BSH08310 In Stock
Pacifier Chain Blue Green
BSH08622 In Stock
Pacifier Chain Pink-Red
BSH08623 In Stock

Baby Toys and Rattles
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